About PFT Trading

A World Full of Noise...

Today like no other time in history we are bombarded with information from our social media feeds as well as the mainstream media. Constantly changing headlines combined with a steady flow of conflicting information would lead you to believe that investing is complicated. In reality, it can be rather simple.

One of the main reasons individual investors and traders fail is because because they allow this steady stream of inconsistent, exaggerated and mostly useless information to affect their decision making.

This abundance of information is extremely difficult to filter and can lead to poor investing decisions. The majority of this information is noise and needs to be ignored in order to succeed.

Price & Trends Don't Lie...

What is often overlooked is the direction of price. Price is the only thing that doesn't lie. It can only be doing three things. Trending higher, trending lower, or moving sideways.

Positive price action combined with existing or emerging trends can lead to exceptional money making opportunities.

Risk Management Comes First...

Trends take hold and happen quicker than ever before. PFT Trading takes pride in not only uncovering these trends but also figuring out how to capitalize on them in the lowest risk way possible.

The key to success and longevity in the markets is how well you manage risk and avoid account destroying mistakes. This is accomplished by putting risk management first and participating in only the highest quality opportunities that offer the opportunity for asymmetric returns.

 Greg P. Rieben B.Com. (Finance), B.Sc.

I've been successfully trading and investing my own capital in the equity, option and futures markets for over 20 years. During this time I have gained invaluable experience that has proven extremely helpful in helping others with their investing and trading decisions.

I began trading while attending the University of Alberta School of Business. The year was 2000 and the Tech Bubble was beginning to deflate. I rushed in to buy the high flying tech stocks that had sold off from nosebleed levels and was given my first lesson. “Cheap” can get a lot “cheaper” and some cases even go to zero.

Mr. Market taught me some cruel but critically important lessons that have helped shape my investment philosophy and knowledge to where it is today.

After graduating from university I went to work for a Mutual Fund Company then at a full service Global Investment Brokerage. It was there that I learned that the majority of your time is spent trying to increase assets under management so you can generate the greatest amount of commissions. Because my passion was for trading and investing I soon made the decision to trade full time and left the Investment Advisory business to engross myself in the markets every day.

I've read countless books, attended numerous seminars and paid multiple “gurus” for information and education. I've traded stocks, options, futures as well as foreign currencies. The first few years were spent testing multiple strategies while at the same time learning to control emotions through the peaks and valleys of my equity curve. As I persevered I began to weed out the good from the bad and discovered what strategies worked best and proved to be the most profitable.

Trading & investing is my passion and after speaking with many individuals regarding their frustration in learning how to trade on their own, PFT Trading was born.