The New Smart Money

Retail investors and traders have always gotten a bad rap being labeled the "dumb money". Who's the dummy now? Hey Warren? Stanley? And you too David? 

Warren Buffett Sells Airline Stocks Amid Coronavirus - Forbes, May 2nd

Why Stanley Druckenmiller says the risk-reward of -
Investing in stocks has never been worse
 - MarketWatch, May 13th

David Tepper says this is the second most overvalued -
stock market he's ever seen, behind only '99
 - CNBC, May 13th

It seems like Dave Portnoy (aka Davey Day Trader Global) has become the new "Oracle" taking shots at investing legend Warren Buffett while profiting on airline and cruise ship stocks.

JETS (Global Airline ETF) bottomed in the middle of May and is up over 70% since. 

And then there's the Robinhood crowd. The retail Mecca of online gambling, I mean investing. They've been spitting in the face of the perma-bears on FinTwit. Check out the 15 most popular stocks on the platform...

All kidding aside it's been a year like no other. But what happens next? Have stocks gotten ahead of themselves? Is retail and an internet celebrity gone day trader the new "smart money"?

Only time will tell. It always does. Successful trading and investing is a marathon not a sprint.

On any given week, month or year a gun-slinging stock trader can make outsize gains. But the true test is if they can keep what they've made.

What separates the true trading and investing legends from the retail crowd is performance over time. The legends have iron clad discipline and a systematic approach. They always live to fight another day and measure their performance in years not months.

So, If you missed the rally and or sold the lows don't feel bad. Trading and investing isn't easy. 

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