One Trillion...

The race to One Trillion is finally over and Apple has accomplished the feat closing the week at a market capitalization above 1T.

Here's what a $10,000 investment would be worth in different times throughout the tech giant's history. Don't kick yourself too hard as most retail investors would've lacked the patience and foresight to hang on throughout the tough times and realize these substantial gains...

Opportunity? Or A Warning Sign?

Not all tech giants are reaching new heights like Apple. The last 2 weeks have been a rough ride for some of the most widely used and popular platforms. Facebook, Netflix and Twitter have all sold off 20% or worse before recovering towards the end of the week.

The bulls and bears have compelling stories to tell when it comes to these widely held and debated stocks. But, as you can see the gains over the last 12 months have been substantial and up-trends are clearly intact.

For those that have faith in the longer term sustainability and growth of these platforms the recent sell-off could be serving up a decent entry point.

Cannabis Beer?

A week doesn't go by without some type of significant cannabis related news. This week Molson Coors (TAP) teamed up with Hydropothecary (HEXO.TO) announcing a joint venture to develop cannabis-infused, non-alcoholic beverages.

This deal will be extremely important heading into "part 2" of cannabis legalization when in 2019 consumable cannabis products become legal.


Below are five of the stronger trending stocks on my CM50 & UM50 lists. In Canada the list continues to grow with new oil and gas names popping up each week. This will be a very important sector to watch as crude oil WTI continues to trade near $70 USD/BBL.

In the US tech continues to dominate the list even know there were some set-backs in the most widely owned and followed names. 

Remember that chasing stocks higher is not recommended and even the strongest trending stocks can experience significant drawdowns.


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Greg Rieben