Is Old Hat Back?

It was last week. Gold and silver, oil and gas and farm and construction machinery all cracked the top 10 performing industries last week. This hasn't been seen in a long time.

Gold is now back in the headlines as it managed to crack $1,400 and is trading at $1,411 as I write this.

The related stocks had a great week as one would expect with GDX (Gold Miners ETF) breaking out above key levels. 

This week we will see what the bulls are made of and if there's any staying power above $1,400.

Silver is still lagging by a massive margin with the gold to silver ratio at levels not seen in 25 years. Will it play catch up? Or has gold gotten ahead of it's self?

A Contrarian's Dream Opportunity?

The last few years it's been a buy high and sell higher kind of market for most of the major sectors with a couple exceptions. One being oil and gas service stocks.

Contrarians or those who like to buy the hated and forgotten about, have been caught in a trap of buying low and watching price go even lower.

OIH (Oil Services ETF) is now trading at levels not seen since 2001. Could this be a contrarian's dream opportunity or a continuous nightmare for those trying to pick a bottom?


Bitcoin 10K

From an ancient relic (Gold) that is mined with picks and shovels to a digital currency mined with computers. Bitcoin is back and is trading at 10,800. That's a 230% gain from the December lows.

Since bottoming in December It has now retraced close to 50% of it's 2017 high over the last few months.


Chart of The Week

Admit it. You love the free samples and every time you go there you spend way too much.

Costco continues to buck the trend of traditional brick and mortar retail getting taken behind the woodshed because of the increasing trend towards online shopping.