5 Things to Watch This Week

1. Bitcoin

Bitcoin has been hanging out near all-time highs just below $70K for nearly a month. 

Will this be the week it breaks out and starts a new leg higher?

2. Crypto Stocks

You don't have to have a cryptocurrency trading account to make money in crypto. There are some great opportunities in publically traded companies that have exposure to Bitcoin and Ethereum through mining or other crypto/blockchain-related businesses.

We had a great couple of weeks trading stocks in this space for some solid short-term gains - GLXY.TO +80%, VOYG.TO 50%, and BIGG.CSE 50%. 

I'll be watching to see if these stocks can continue to push towards all-time highs and if some of the other names will play some catch-up.

3. Small Cap Stocks

You may have heard that small caps or the Russell 2000 broke out last week from a nine-month base.

There were a lot of eyes on this potential breakout and it didn't disappoint.

Will the rally continue? Or will we see some selling taking us back to test the breakout area?

4. Gold & Silver Stocks

It's been a bumpy ride for gold and silver the last few months but the price action continues to improve.

Technically we are seeing a potential head and shoulders bottom in the gold and silver ETFs, GDX, and SIL...

5. Tesla Stock

Elon Musk never fails to entertain. Over the weekend he conducted a Twitter poll to determine if he should dump 10% ($27 billion) of his stock.

The Elon Musk army looks to be on board...

This morning TSLA is trading down 5% on the news but that's peanuts compared to the rally over the last few weeks...

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