5 Industries With Explosive Growth Potential...

Canadian’s are very loyal when it comes to investing in home grown companies. This is often reflected in our heavily weighted portfolios of natural resource stocks and of course, our financial institutions.

Living in the heart of oil and gas country, I know how easy it is to get caught in a trap investing in companies in our own backyard. 

Today I'm breaking away from the more familiar topics of the price of oil, energy stocks and want to focus on industries that may change the way you live your life in the near future.

Exponential growth in technology is creating some very interesting trends that are starting to become more widely accepted and may even be capable of producing the next Google, Amazon or Microsoft.

So, before you pick up some more shares of your favorite oil and gas company or banking stock, take some time to research these innovative and growing technologies.

Artificial Intelligence

Robots can now out-think us, outwork us and will soon be taking a lot of our jobs. Medical diagnosis, electronic trading, remote sensing and deep learning are some of the areas where major changes will take place.

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Autonomous Vehicles

One day your vehicle could become an Uber while you're at your day job. How’s that for passive income?

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3D Printing Technology

Need a new cell phone case? Design and print your own at home. And soon to come for the more than casual drinker, 3D printed livers.

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Drone Technology

From pizza deliveries to modern warfare and not to mention killer selfies.

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The Internet of Things

First the smart phone. Now the smart refrigerator. Soon everything will be connected.

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